Signature Hot Tub Cover

4" - 3" tapered hot tub cover

1” thicker than our Classic Model, the Signature model is designed for cold harsh climates and heavy snow fall. It is our top selling model and will more than pay for itself with the energy savings.

Is your current hot tub cover ripping at the seams? uses polymatic UVR thread with 30 points of reinforced stitching at the high stress areas known to be the first to fail, such as the double reinforced folding hinge and the tear free handles. Couple this with the highest grade marine vinyl, including mildew inhibitors and UV protection, will ensure the lifespan of your cover extends long after that of the competitor.

Our product is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Concerned about the impact the weather has on your hot tub cover?
Our design is tapered to ensure any water runs off the edges and doesn’t accumulate and pool on the surface.

Tired of cheap covers that can’t handle even a moderate weight load?
We don’t use inferior 1.0lb or non virgin foam that a lot of our competitors do. In the Signature model we use polystyrene high density foam that will not break under weight from heavy snowfalls. We also use the widest and thickest aluminum reinforcement C-channels that run down the entire center of the lid to improve its strength.

Seeking ways to save on energy bills?
The Signature model with its 4” to 3” taper foam has an ‘R’ rating of over 15. We also include a 2” perimeter apron to add an additional seal to keep the heat in, the dirt out and to protect your acrylic from fading in the sun.

Worried about the environmental impact of foam?
Foam is an important element in a hot tub cover. It’s both light in weight and has excellent insulating properties. But, many of us are concerned with the environmental impact in how it’s manufactured. uses CFC-free foam which uses steam instead of ozone-depleting Freon to help preserve our ozone layer.

Fed up with your waterlogged hot tub lid that’s impossible to lift?
Our new vapour heat sealed technology is used to wrap and coat the foam to ensure our covers maintain their original weight by absorbing ZERO water.

Worried about your children getting into your hot tub while you’re not around?
Our covers include 4 childproof locking safety straps, exceeding all ASTM standards, to keep your hot tub safe and secure from your children.

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