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Langley is where BC was born! In the 1800’s the governor made British Columbia an official colony. Langley got its name from Sir Thomas Langley, a director with the Hudson’s Bay Company for 30 years. Salmon and furs were the first items that were traded and before long the community was able to sustain itself on the fertile lands. Visit the Fort Langley National Historic Site to experience a true taste of history on a grand scale. Heritage buildings that have been preserved along with displays for you to interact with making you feel like you’ve gone back in time! There are several reasons to visit Langley ranging from the magnificent art, abundant agriculture and busy city street shopping! You can enjoy a full day of shopping in quaint boutiques, large shopping centres, outdoor markets and even your local hot tub cover replacement store!

Langley is also known for its rich agriculture. Locals and tourists alike can relish in the freshness of home-grown produce, all varieties of dairy products and wine galore! This community is teeming with adventures and amazing experiences for the whole family. Petting zoos, orchard and farm tours and horseback riding are just a few of the incredible ventures you can have while visiting Langley. Enjoy a stroll through the nursery or a nice round of golf then out for an evening of fabulous food and some good luck at one of the local casinos!

With a population of over 130,000, the City of Langley is home to many extravagant festivals throughout the year. Arts, music and shopping is very much alive in this great city! It is also known as the Horse Capital of British Columbia, with over 7000 horses in the area. Two universities are also a big part of this city’s pride - Trinity Western University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University! Langley is known for its community spirit; some of these communities include Aldergrove, Brookswood, South Langley, Fort Langley, Murrayville, Walnut Grove and many more!

Nestled in the Fraser Valley, Langley occupies almost half of the delegated Agricultural Land Reserve in the Vancouver area. This city is very industrial and service based and has many a proud business owner. Several of the long term business owners include Euphoria Chocolates, A Bread Affair, Fort Langley Art Glass and all sorts of other specialty stores, including the local hot tub lid replacement shop. Visit Langley for all your needs and wants!