Hot Tub Covers for Top Brands

No matter where you live, it’s always nice to feel at home.  While you may enjoy the relaxation of your Amish Country hot tub, it might not make you feel at home if it doesn’t have a great cover.  Why would you settle for anything less than a handcrafted cover...more >

If you deal with harsh climates, you know how nice it is to have a comforting, steady climate to relax in.  Why not make that climate your Arctic hot tub?  If you want premium care for your Arctic hot tub, consider buying a replacement cover for the old one you’ve...more >

Beachcomber hot tubs are Canadian manufactured, but you may have one no matter where you are! In order to keep your Beachcomber in tip-top shape, you need a great cover. Perhaps the one that came with your hot tub is faded, worn down, or just not doing the job anymore...more >

Bullfrog Spas is one of the leading competitors in the spa industry. The only spas that include their very own JetPaks, these systems are promised to deliver power and are able to be updated with new JetPaks at any time. JetPaks are a system of modular jets that can be changed out of the spa at any given time...more >

Cal Spas boasts a home resort experience from their hot tubs. They paint the picture of a perfect outdoor oasis, in which at the center stands their spa, a delicately designed, strongly built piece of machinery...more >

Caldera hot tub covers ensure a fantastic replacement for the one you own now. If the weather has worn your cover down, consider buying a new Caldera hot tub cover! Caldera hot tub covers are guaranteed to fit perfectly and perform just like your cover, if not better...more >

The first mass of Redwood Hot Tubs created were made in 1972 by California Cooperage, a leader in the hot tub industry today. California Cooperage has high reviews for the PowerPool Swim Spas they offer for those who love large spaces and the outdoors...more >

It doesn’t matter what area of Florida you live in, or even if you live there at all! You may in fact own a Clearwater hot tub—the place where you can relax your muscles after being out in the sun. That very sun may be wearing down the cover to your Clearwater hot tub, and it might be time to get a new one...more >

Coast Spas focuses on seven major components. In health, Coast Spas promises a reduction of stress, enhances relaxation, and fun. In massages, Coast Spas focuses on high-pressure water for tired muscles, which provides extensive therapy...more >

Coleman hot tubs are best known for their durability and quality. Normally called spas instead of hot tubs, Coleman’s products are both affordable and vary in design. Coleman spas have their own go-green angle...more >

One of the leading spa companies since 1987, Crystal Water Spas focus on the simplicity that each and every spa needs to be a success. The secret, they say, is to keep a simple design that makes the functioning of the hot tub better...more >

Bob Hallam founded Dimension One Spas in 1977 by. It has become one of the biggest competitors in the hot tub industry since then. The winner of the Silver Medal Shingo Prize, Dimension One Spas hold six core values...more >

Hot Springs Spas promises the best ownership experience. They are known for long lasting hot tubs that are both durable and unique. They offer low operating costs and they try their hardest to deliver the best value possible...more >

Hydro hot tubs are not only a great way to wind down, but can hydrate your night life with relaxation and make you feel royal! Picture yourself in a soothing hot tub for several hours, and after getting out to put the cover on...more >

Known as the start of the hot tub industry, Jacuzzi hot tubs have been used as relaxing treatments since the 1960’s when Roy Jacuzzi created the first whirlpool bath along with the half and half water to air ratio that they still use today...more >

L.A. hot tubs are always worth your time when you’re trying to relax! If you’ve found that the cover on your L.A. hot tub is aging and not working as well as it used to, it’s definitely time to order a new L.A. hot tub cover...more >

Marquis hot tubs are most well known for their green initiatives, having complied with the California Energy Commission’s twenty regulations for efficiency...more >

After a rough day at work, is there a better way to relax than in a hot tub? When you’re not the boss at work, you can at least be the master of relaxation in your Master hot tub! Unfortunately the covers on hot tubs don’t last forever, and they can wear down over the years...more >

Leading the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs is Maxx Hot Tub Covers. Maxx hot tubs are easy to install, crafted from the finest materials and at the time they are stylishly designed. It is a combination of both quality and affordability...more >

Softub is one of the strongest competitors in the spa industry today. Softub spas are known to be strongly built, light, and energy efficient. They use standard 15-amp wall outlets and are claimed to be extremely easy to set up. They give a three step process to help consumers...more >

Sundance Spas has been a large competitor in the hot tub business since 1979, when its first facility was opened in Costa Mesa, California. Sundance Spas produces both portable and in-ground hot tubs that are well known for being creatively designed, modernized, and affordable...more >

Sunrise Hot Tub Covers are one of the world’s leading spa competitors in the industry today. These hot tub covers are energy efficient so they do not use up so much energy paralleled to others; they are also strong and light in weight...more >

We feature the premier quality Tiger River Hot Tub Covers that meets your climate needs. These hot tub covers are made of only the supreme materials and are easy to assemble. They are such remarkable leisure products that are available in the spa market for your use...more >

Feeling down and out? Lacking energy? You need a hot tub visit, and let us put the Vita in your new found vitality with a replacement Vita hot tub cover! If you want to keep being energized and use your hot tub to revive that energy...more >