Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "taper"?

Hot tub cover taperAll of our hot tub covers are built with a taper, so that the middle of the cover is thicker than the end. This allows for proper water run off, extending the life and performance of your cover. A cover with a 4" - 3" taper is 4" at the middle, and 3" at the end. Thicker covers have a higher 'R' rating (a material's thermal resistance), and can contribute to lower energy bills. Thicker covers are recommended for owners who experience cold winters, snow fall, and who are looking to save on energy bills.

Do you have a storefront I can visit, or can I pick my cover up locally?

Just Hot Tub Covers is an online retailer and without the additional cost of a storefront, we are able to provide our customers with some of the most competitive prices in Canada. At no point is quality, construction or warranty ever compromised. Our products meet or exceed those found in traditional stores, often at much less cost to you!

Where do you ship?

Just Hot Tub Covers are custom built in Canada and are only shipped to valid Canadian addresses (except for the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon and any areas that are considered remote). We do not ship to PO Box numbers.

What colours are available?

We have tons of great colours to choose from, have a look here!

How much does it cost to ship a cover?

We offer free shipping to valid Canadian addresses. Other items and accessories are subject to flat rate shipping costs.

How long will it take to build my cover?

All of our covers are custom built by experienced craftsmen and it typically takes 2-3 weeks to build a cover. During times of high-order volumes, it can take between 3 and 4 weeks (fall is typically a busy time). 

How do I measure the corner radius?

Measuring your corner radius is easy when you know how, please refer to Step 3 in our comprehensive Measuring Guide. Remember, it's better to be a bit smaller (shorter) than longer when measuring the radius.

Can you come and measure my cover?

This is not a service we provide, but we have put together a step-by-step video to help you measure your cover correctly!

Can you dispose of my old cover?

Nope, to keep our prices low we limit additional services like cover removal and onsite measuring.